10 Songs Your Mom Mostly Danced to at the Club in the 90s


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Sure, you had your What is Love?, glamorized by a Night at the Roxbury, or over-popularized jams by the likes of MC Hammer and Right Said Fred, but those were only the tip of the iceberg.

Before you read off this list, ask your mom what her staples were at the night club.  If she’s like my mom though, she won’t know the names.

Now for the list.

Go ham, SAAAN!

9.  Mark Morrison- Return of the Mack

Your mom adores this and #3 on the list and still does.

9.  Snap!- Rhythm is a Dancer

This would sound out of place if it was played anywhere else.

8.  Be My Lover- La Bouche

7.  Mr Vain- Culture Beat

 6.  Finally- CeCe Peniston

5.  Here Comes the Hotstepper- Ine Kamoze

4.  Real McCoy- Another Night

Put in some uptempo synth.  Put in a piano beat and a backing bass section.  9 times out of 10 this was the song your mom would set her drink down to show those moves on the dance floor.  This song has it all.

3.  Next- Too Close

What a massive anthem for the club.  Exclusively 90s. Smooth, free flowing rhythms, and the guys probably danced more to it than your mom did. This should be #2 or first place but Crystal must have made a deal with Next.

2.  Crystal Waters- 100% Pure Love

A diva that brought the goods.  This is the jam out of this whole list I want to hear most at midnight on a dance floor.  There’s a house remix floating around that might even trump the original.

1.  C+C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat

The #1 club anthem right here.  It came out in ’91 so it had almost the whole decade at a DJ’s disposal.

The above photo takes place under a tent, NOT a club.  But for what it’s worth, you got folks dancing, and it’s time stamp dates ’96.  I couldn’t find any proper club photos from the 90s anywhere on the internet, let alone allow reuse.  So please, if any of you or your folks have any sitting in a photo album I would love to add them to this post.

Am I forgetting some obvious songs that aren’t in this list?  Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

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