BIG Pokemon Plush Figure Toy Haul! Rare?


Are plush Pokemon toys still trending??  Somebody unloaded their collection of vintage Pokemon plush toys at a thrift store.  These are dated 2001!  I couldn’t help but buy four of them.  Some of them I didn’t even know their names, so I had a hunch they were more obscure (thus the more sought after they’d be!).

Who else here collects stuffed Pokemon??  I bet you can’t top my collection!

We’ve got Togeti, Chikorita, charizard and celebi, all tagged 2001!

Plus, from a different thrift haul (but the same store), I originally picked up those impressive looking Pikachu and Bulbasaur stuffies.  I might be surprised to find that the Charizard toy in this lot is worth the most, considering he has bendable legs, sort of unique for a stuffie.

If you have your own plush Pokemon, please share in the comments which character(s) you have or used to have as a kid.  Which ones would be most popular?  If I were to add my collection, I’d probably get that giant 59 inch Snorlax I’ve seen on eBay before, thing looks massive.  Some of those Pokemon Center plushes appear to have sold really well (on eBay), such as Jigglypuff and Bidoof.  Also, keep your eyes out for a Blazekin doll, as those have some value.

Anyways, happy holidays everyone.  4 more days till Christmas.  Who ever said a Pokemon lot didn’t do well on Christmas day??!!


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