Is Tupac Really Alive? “2014”

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So many voices on the internet and elsewhere agree with the idea that Tupac is out there somewhere living day by day.  They don’t believe he was shot in the passenger seat of an SUV and Suge Knight was driving the vehicle with (no) keys in the ignition.

Unless your conspiracy theories run deep, we can agree that Tupac did attend the Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas on September 13, 1996.  We know this based on the footage of Tupac backstage at the fight and later taking part in what looks to be him and his entourage beating a person laying on the ground, possibly one of their “enemies”.

Only this year (in 2013) did I find out about these clues.  I was in middle childhood when he “past”- 6 years young- and I didn’t know anything about the man and his myth.  The only rap song I could have remembered by then was Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio (released 3 days after my 5th birthday).  I remember a night at my babysitter’s and there was a live version of Gangster’s Paradise on MTV.  I was entranced by the sound and it had a lot to do with the choir during the chorus.

Right now?

Under a dry climate, Google earth or certain elite could be spying him laying on a hammock as he’s spitting rhymes either freestyle or in song.  Maybe a song he thought up before that night in Las Vegas or a song he created post-1997.  If he’s still rapping, then he’s still a creative individual who organically sees rapping as his outlet for “thug” expression.

Yet, he might not even be in the “thug” mindset.  Come to see, as Tupac is telling his story in a 2014 interview, that in hindsight he sees the lifestyle as blasphemy.  All of it was sin.  The only good that could possibly come from it was the underlying message in his songs he spread to a majority.  That there’s inequality in the world.  And love.

He had second thoughts of “Thug Life” on his torso and a Cuban tattoo artist removed it.  Admittedly, his 90’s entourage negatively had an influence on his personality and thuggish character.  It was all silly.  The violet-like nature of men and their testosterone picking sides (East and West) gave them something to believe in because of geographic location.

The Many “Proof” Videos

Some of it’s comical, but most of these amateur edited videos convincingly make their case.  I’m on the 2014 side.  If you’re one of those fans who say “just let him rest in peace“, then you’re avoiding the contradictions between what’s presented in mainstream, and the actual evidence.  Just like there’s great reason to look through the official story of 9/11.  There’s a lot we don’t know about the world.

I’m not going to list out all the possible proofs because a lot of it is nitpick and I’d just be wasting my breath.

Why 2014?

Supposedly the first time Tupac went to jail he was inspired to read a book by an author named Machiavelli who faked his death at 25 and returned after 18 years (at 43).  Tupac was 25 in ’96 and in 2014 he’ll be 43.

There was only one witness at the scene who told the news crew what she saw that night.  She says a helicopter flew him from the crime scene to the hospital.  Interesting- a helicopter.  Was that how he got to Cuba or some island south of North America?

His lack of a funeral definitely raises an eyebrow, and Suge Knight has admitted no one ever saw Tupac dead.

Please 90’s childs- fans of Tupac– share your opinion in the comments on why you think Tupac is still alive.  If you think he’s dead, then that’s fine too.


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