Lauryn Hill’s Tax Evasion is ‘Killing Me Softly’

I had to go back and look through her catalog, and man, she sure has a gift.  You could feel that swagger seep through in a canvas of hip-hop.  Didn’t realize she withdrew from music for a while which perhaps got her in this mess.  As for this IRS stint, “Killing Me Softly” fits too well as a theme for her and the fans.

-Lauryn Hill apparently made a sum of 2 million in the span of five years, but failed to pay the taxes on them.

3 months without Hill will “softly” leave its mark, more or less.  As for myself and the next ’90s child, we collectively would rather see them thrive and improve on their talents.

A Little ‘Did You Know?’

Will Smith in an early 2000’s appearance on ‘”Inside the Actors Studio”, shared the time he got a call from the IRS for “evading his taxes”.  He laughed it off to just the fact he wasn’t paying them.  No more, no less, right?  As he put it, why did they need his when Bill Gates and everyone else are paying taxes.

I’m not sure how that played out, but it was probably around ’93 or ’94.  A young, and naive Will.  Lauryn Hill, however, can’t really be regarded in that sense.  She’s pretty much, well, grown.  Maybe she could have taken some wisdom from Will…

Still to this day she’s one of the greatest talents, and needs to make a return after she gets back on her feet.

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