What Pop Culture was Like When the 90’s Child Was Born

I love looking back to around the time I was born – August 5, 1990- and seeing what it was like.. how the landscape was forming in pop culture.

Macaulay Culkin was Almost a Millionaire

One of the biggest movies ever in cinema and one that’s in my top 10 list- Home Alone– wasn’t even released yet.  It was released in Nov 1990.  They were probably casting the characters in Aug, developing the script, and filming the scenes.

Will Smith was getting ready for his breakout character in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as the ‘problem‘ nephew his aunt and uncle had to deal with. The first scene of season 1 aired on September 10, 1990, just a month and 5 days after my birth.

Aaliyah was only 11 years old.

About 3 months before August, Cameron had just completed the screenplay draft for Terminator 2, and in July 1990 had distributed the first shooting draft to the cast, which obviously included Arnold Schwarzenegger (I met Arnold for a book signing at the Mall of America- where they Filmed Jingle All the Way).  You can see me and my brother at the 1:09 mark in the middle of the line- I’m wearing the white hooded sweater):

Pearl Jam was still getting their songs together so they could play their first official show, which happened on October 22, 1990 in Seattle- only 2 months and 17 days after I was born.  Eddie Vedder has one of the most incredible voices I ever heard.  Super unique, just like Dave Matthews.. anyways..

I was alive when Stevie Ray Vaughan was still alive, until 22 days later when he past in Wisconsin (the state next to where I was born in Minnesota).  Not many 90’s childs can say they were alive when Stevie was still playing shows and giving fans a reason to say he’s the only guitarist better than Hendrix.

Okay 90’s childs, I must be forgetting some happenings or cultural things that were still in the works in August 1990.  Were you born then?  The comments are wide open for your voice.  Let out your 90’s child, 90’s childs!

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