The Rise of Youtube Pranksters- Awesome Hilarity


Prank style youtubers have been gaining traction.  Quickly.  Here is my list of the 5 best youtube pranksters.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find funnier/likeable characters than these guys.

5.  MediocreFilms- Surprisingly, Greg Benson has been doing this since at least the early 90s.  A good-hearted guy who isn’t afraid to pull off a prank.  His resume gets him in no less than the top 5.

4.  Edbassmaster- The perfect character.  Multiple characters.  His “Psh” at Hollywood is totally satisfying. I never saw anything like it before.

3. RomanatWood- 2 guys from Ohio that make food vlogs, pranks being their specialty.

2. LAHWF-  I love this guy. We both have similar entrepreneur mindsets, and not to mention we share the same first name and are both 22 (also a ’90s child).

1. Vitalyzdtv- He really did pave out his own niche with an unforgiving line of videos he puts out, and for me Vitaly set the bar.

Very few have the courage to tell guys walking up to a gym that they’re small and need to lift more, all the while wearing a Spongebob t-shirt.  It’s edgy, yet very funny.  And he’s likable. I was more than happy when I found out he was stealing skateboards in the middle of the day on Venice Beach right in front of the skaters.  Like, who does that?!

I can see a new Jackass gang slowly developing, with Vitaly, Andrew Hales, Roman and Dennis Roady, the guy from RossCreations, Dawson from BigDawsTV, and the two guys from JStuStudios for their public silliness.  What do you think?

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