Who Smashed His Mouth?

Their singles are sooo good.  I mean REALLY good!  What they put in their formula seems to yield their recommended nutritional values.  Till this day they are one of my favorite bands…  Most people can probably say the same.  In my eyes they’re legendary, and will some day be considered classic like Pearl Jam slowly is becoming.

Hold up!  There’s a few elements hindering a status like that to fortify, and might always prevent them from reaching.

If your curiosity found you on youtube browsing Smash Mouth videos or were invited to a live show they’ did, you’d probably see them live one way or another.

Steve Harwell is the lead singer of Smash Mouth. One of the poster faces of the 90s. Yet…

…the man, Harwell, can have a hard time proving himself, on stage?


He and the band were bred for albums, however.  Let’s count our blessings.

It could very well be a trend of bands suddenly finding themselves with fame to spare and a mic in hand.  Or the consequence of deciding to do something with masterpieces, by recording them on albums, only sacrificed for mediocrity outside the studio.

When you listen to other singers reputed for their vocals, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing, or else you’re already well aware.  Guess you’ve heard of  Brandon Boyd, Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, Darius Rucker, the guy from Weezer…- whether those are fair comparisons or cheap shots will be for you to decide.

All I know is Smash Mouth sounded uncannily good in Rat Race.

Enjoy your day 90s childs, and leave your comments below!

Teaser photo by jcasabona of Flickr

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