You Know You’re a 90s Child When This is a Top 10 List You Relate to

Your supermarket would sponsor coloring contests you had to enter, with the contestants entries pinned on a wall next to the cash registers, and whether they’d judge by quality or drew names from a hat, you’d win a Space Jams t-shirt.

That wasn’t all the 90s had, here is a generic top 10 list for the 90s child.

10. When the allowance from doing chores wasn’t enough.

You’d find all the loose change hidden between the couch cushions and underneath the recliner, just enough to buy .65 worth of unnecessarily sour candy at the convenience store.


Source: CC BY 2.0

9.  An evening out-and-about.

It’s 1996, and you just got done exchanging the tickets you won at Chuck E Cheese for prizes worth 5 tickets a piece, then later drive back home and you hear Don’t Speak on the radio.

8. Getting what your 2nd and 3rd grade peers got.

It’s 1999, and you convince your parents to go to Toys R Us to get one of the last remaining Pokemon starter packs left.

You get back home to open them up and are thrilled to find Machamp- the one worth 100 HP with a ‘stage 3‘.


Source: CC BY-SA 2.0

7. When the radio was on a streak.

It’s summer in the mid 90s, and you’re in the drop-down convertible and The Sign by Ace of Base is loud enough to hear over the wind.  The next song on the radio is Snow by Informer.

6. The morning ritual.

You wake up and go to the kitchen but aren’t tall enough to reach for the Lucky Charms on top of the cupboard.

You finally get your dad out of bed to get them down for you, and while you’re eating them you’re focused on the mazes and other games on the back of the box, that is, in between eating the toasted oats first so all that’s left are the marshmallows.

lucky charms

Source: CC BY-SA 2.0

5.  You’re favorite snack and a cartoon show

It’s summer and you’re on break from school.  You just came back from the city pool and are home with the air conditioning.

You get into dry clothes and at 2PM the Animaniacs are on the WB while you’re eating 2 brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts.


Source: CC BY 2.0

4. One of the few worthwhile breaks from technology class.

You’re in the computer room and the technology teacher gets done lecturing on folder hierarchy and how to save a file (primary stuff).

Most kids would finish the lesson with 10 minutes left, just enough time for some Oregon Trail.


Source: CC BY-SA 2.0

3.  Merch for your birthday.


2. The original prankster

The first time you see Tom Green is from the the Soccer Hooligans segment on a VHS tape rented from Blockbuster.

You later went on a Tom Green marathon at your friend’s house.

1. Break dancing…

You’re back at school, and the talent show is scheduled after lunch.  Your class forms into a line to walk down to the gymnasium and while the teacher is holding up the peace sign you hear someone yell “No budging!“.

The girls in the talent show who get up on stage are mostly in groups who do dance routines to songs like Are You that Somebody and Killing Me Softly.

talent show

Source: CC BY 2.0

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